Friday, October 5, 2018 @ AFRU Gallery
featuring art by SHANE BUGBEE
with 9pm live hip hop from Portland's KayelaJ

(doors at 6pm) All Ages FREE!

In America, we have moved beyond the notion of "interesting times" and entered the uncharted waters of a full blown constitutional crisis, and while many Americans try to stay above the fray and just keep punching the time clock, artist Shane Bugbee offers the brutal honesty he is notorious for in this new solo show, 'The Art Of The Guillotine, And Other Class Horror Stories' this October at AFRU (534 SE Oak Street, Portland OR).

The exhibit includes a variety of handmade flags with messages for the powers that be, sculptural works that include $10,000 of real shredded US currency, "Detention Center Liberty Shanks", and a life size model of a guillotine. The show opens during First Friday on October 5th at AFRU Gallery and runs through October.

The opening of the exhibit promises to be a one- of-a-kind experience, there will be plenty of cake, and foot worshippers are encouraged to attend and enjoy eating cake off the feet of lovely volunteers. Portland's own hip hop sensation KayelaJ will perform live, offering her own take on class.

Shane Bugbee began his career making zines in the early 1990s while a young adult living in his car. He went on to become the most controversial publisher of the era, and a leading transgressive voice. He turned to podcasting and filmmaking in the early 2000s, and moved into sculpture and fiber art most recently. In every avenue of his career, he is known for his brutal honesty, his brute works, and sharing interviews he's conducted with noted artists and scholars.

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