Friday, February 2, 2018 @ AFRU Gallery
featuring 9pm live performance by TIPOL

6pm (doors at 6pm) All Ages FREE!


T.I.P.O.L. = The Inhale Portion of Living. Analog and digital synths and drum machines, no computers, performed live. They even have an original 1980's 808 Kick Drum machine in the mix. TIPOL is an anti-technology duo that uses technology to make amazing, organic electronica. They have no website, no email, no facebook, no CDs, none of the accouterments of your standard 21st century band. They are word-of-mouth; they are "you had to be there"; they are TIPOL. They do have a custom demo which is on cassette only and must be played on one of their custom players which has only rewind & play and no access to the actual cassette.

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