Monday, September 4, 2017 @ Valentines
Sing-alongs and Protest Songs I'm on the hunt for two things: songs we can all sing together and contemporary protest music. In this age of upheaval, music is as important an agent of change as ever. Yet so much of our songbook harkens back to bygone days and fewer and fewer of us know the old songs that used to unify and galvanize our spirits. I'm looking to answer a few key questions as I take to the road this summer: Who are the musicians singing songs of social change and hope of this generation? What are the songs - old and new - we can sing together in order to connect and uplift us? How can we bridge our political, social, religious, economic, and cultural divides through the simple act of singing together?
5pm Ages 21 & Over
The Popups What's a good sing-along song if it isn't shared? As I travel interviewing musicians for the podcast, I will help organize public shows in homes and other community spaces that will highlight the local musicians who are writing and reviving protest songs and sing-alongs. These popups will emphasize group singing by asking participating musicians to teach a song we can all sing together. Generally, popups will include: Local musicians writing/performing topical/protest music A specific theme related to a current issue Intermission by local organization doing work related to the theme with ways to support and get involved Sing-along! Every show will include many opportunities for learning and singing a long to songs, new and old. Streamed live for all to watch, no matter where you are!

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