Friday, May 19, 2017 @ Valentines
this event begins at 6pm and ends at 9pm Surface Noise is an open turntable and open screen via projector event. that is to say you bring your favorite records and/or digitized art to share. attend, share, play advance human dignity via creative priorities. video artists, animators, photographers and visual artists - let's get you on the screen! free tacos at 7pm for people spinning vinyl and/or sharing art show up with a thumb drive of your work or stream from your own laptop through a hdmi or vga output you invite yes. original bring favorite handful records to spin friends. Dj we show you how now. get live Valentine's Bar happy hour, screening visuals, the sights of Ankeny Alley, fresh entertainment surface noise* moment vinyl oPen screens/turntable. please share now . you . host - mc . ecarg
6pm Ages 21 & Over

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