Wanderlust Presents

A classic tale of love beneath the big top
featuring Portland's finest acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, and magicians
and a sumptuous 4-course feast from
Le Pigeon
one of Portland's finest restaurants

Dinner seating begins at 6:30
Show starts at 7:30

dinner tickets by reservation only
available until the day before each show

The circus visionaries who brought you THE WHITE ALBUM CHRISTMAS and THE WONDERLAND CIRCUS return to The Bossanova Ballroom with the perfect date-night delicacy for Valentine's Day Weekend.
Your ticket gets you guaranteed table seating in our main ballroom and a four-course gourmet meal, served while you marvel at the incomparable circus family known across six continents as Wanderlust.
Our show is loosely adapted from Charlie Chaplin's silent screen classic The Circus, with physical comedian Tommy Twimble portraying the hapless Tramp as he stumbles in and out of love and stardom.

Still not convinced? Have a gander at this video playlist, featuring highlights from the first 3 years of Wanderlust derring-do:

The Cast
For Cirque L'Amour, Wanderlust has assembled the brightest stars from our extended family of performers and technicians, including veterans of Do Jump, Clowns Without Borders, Imago, Fist Of Dishonor, and Sinferno Cabaret.
Tommy Twimble as The Tramp

Influenced by Jacques Lecog and the 'new vaudeville', Thomas Schroyer has of late focused his performative efforts on the character of Tommy Twimble. His signature style of physical theater combines elements of object manipulation, mime, burlesque, old world clown, and live music. Before creating Twimble, he refined his craft with Playback Theater, Monkey Thump Ensemble, Theater of the Invisible, and The Rhythmic Opera. A series of engagements at Cabaret Babylon led to this, his first starring role in a Wanderlust production, and surely not his last.

Kazum has been cleverly combining acrobalance, adagio and cheer-leading stunts to create high-flying, jaw-dropping spectacles since 2005. In that time they have collaborated with many of the most beloved groups in Portland's dynamic culture including Heroes & Villains, Trashcan Joe, Sweet Juice, and The March 4th Marching Band. This sinuous septet have brandished their high energy flair at Portland's Earth Day Festival, The Oregon Country Fair, The Alberta Street Fair, Pickathon, The Bite of Oregon, Batty's Hippodrome, and everywhere else.
AWOL Dance Collective

Wowing audiences of all ages and interests, A-WOL has been known to hang from trees in parks, ceilings of any building or stage, cranes in warehouses and any other structure built to support a flying dancer. Although aerial dance is their unique specialty, this diverse group has also used floors, staircases, jungle gyms, stages, sidewalks, trampolines and the like to display gymnastics, partnering, break dancing and skilled modern technique to any variety of audience.
AWOL first crossed paths with William Batty as members of his first circus troupe, Cicuri Curajul at The Crystal Ballroom. Like so many of our family, they've left home to find their fortune and return to us in 2009 as self-made circus stars.

For 8 years, Cherry has worked to bring the art of fire dance from the tribal underground to the world of big-time cabaret and circus. A founding member of Societas Insomnia and a fixture at Sinferno Cabaret and the Garnish conclave; her exploits have been seen on HBO, The Style Channel, and in live shows throughout the United States and Europe. She specializes in poi, staff, torches, and fans.

Leapin' Louie Lichtenstein

Straight from the Wild West, where life is cheap and courage is costly, Leapin' Louie Lichtenstein is never without a spare dollar. With his lasso from El Paso and a bullwhip that even Wyatt Earp couldn't Dodge, this buckaroo buffoon is like sand beneath the chaps of our wrathful ringmaster. Mr. Lichtenstein was recently awarded the title of Best Comedy Roper at the 2007 Will Rogers Expo of the Wild West Arts Club, Claremore, Oklahoma; and the Prix d'Or, 1st Prize at the Vevey International Festival des Artistes de la Rue in Vevey, Switzerland.
Brittany Walsh

Brittany's dexterity in hand balancing is the artistic result of thirteen years of competitive gymnastics. She has been studying her new skill set for nearly three years now, and has acquired quite an appetite for performance and circus arts. Brittany is currently a member of Do Jump! Extremely Physical Theatre, and has been seen performing with the novelty ninja rock band Fist of Dishonor. She boasts the best finale on the West Coast Vaudeville Circuit, a surprise we shan't spoil for you today.
Russell Bruner

Russell Bruner is a man of many talents. Over the years he has choreographed dance routines, performed in diverse productions, promoted events, won a few competitions, and taught a few classes. He is accomplished in the partner dance styles of the Art Deco Era. He also likes to wear hats and knows how to tie a bow tie. These days Russ gets his kicks performing with The Mighty Mighty Acrobats and apache dance duet Two The Death, and with his long-time swing dance partner Sugar Kane as Rusty Sugar.

Paulina Munoz

After developing her moves in karate for a few years, Paulina started dancing at age sixteen, and hasn't stopped since. Coming to AWOL with a strong interest in hip-hop and jazz, Paulina quickly found that aerial dance was her calling. She is now the resident "I'll try it" girl when it comes to new tricks, and continues to inspire those around her to be daring and sassy, just like her. Equally talented on the floor and above it, Paulina is a spitfire performer and a great addition to the company.
and Noah Mickens as
William Batty

William Batty was the owner and proprietor of Batty's Hippodrome, a circus from Victorian London that fell on hard times and was forced to embark upon an endless journey through the United States in search of the perfect stage. Mad with strong drink and delusions of grandeur, Battys is nonetheless resolute in his mission to save his circus and spread the word of the coming Rennaissance to the benighted and inhibited masses whose liberation depends upon it.
Noah Mickens is something very similar, though younger and hopefully saner than the caricature he portrays onstage. .

The Series
The ways of the Circus are older than the nightclubs, older than the banks, older than the cities. These most ancient of performative traditions have always existed just slightly to the left of the Mundane World.

Now, at the first flickering of the 21st Century, our madcap clan is once again shedding its skin and remaking itself in the funhouse mirror image of The Second Great Depression.
To aid and abet this latest glorious rebirth, WANDERLUST has established itself as the premiere circus operation in The City of Roses. Helmed by Noah Mickens and Nick "The Creature" Harbar, and drawing from a roster of performers, designers and technicians from all the greatest shows on Earth.
From the twenty-foot ceilings to the vintage interior design, The Bossanova Ballroom and Supper Club is a dream location for Wanderlust. Now that the time is ripe, we're preparing an ongoing series of varietè shows that will establish The Bossanova as a destination for Portland theatergoers as well as the discerning travelers who are just now discovering our beloved city.
We will not rest until the whole of the world has been entertained.