Doors at 7pm
Show at 8pm

Minors okay when accompanied by a Parent or Guardian

Seattle's legendary Super Geek League equals one savage metal/punk rock band, one ripping horn section, a tangle of kayboards and electronics, the soulful vocals of Skylar Johnson and Noah Mickens (aka William Batty of Wanderlust Circus), a mob of world-class circus artists and go-go dancers; and a warehouse full of giant monster costumes, confetti-shooting robots, and the most bizarre and convoluted Sci-Fi back-story you could ever hope for. SGL has been a sister troupe to Portland's beloved Wanderlust Circus for around five years now, and we're thrilled to bring their newly-refined masterpiece to the stage for its world-premiere. With guest performers from throughout the festival, we can guarantee that you've never seen anything like it.

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