May 13th evening show 7pm Doors
May 14th matinee 1pm Doors

"Memories of Mom"
A Mother's Day Circus Spectacular

in which our ringmaster reminisces
on his boyhood phantasmagoria
in the age of Victoria

Treat your Mother to a night at the theater with our circus family, your family circus, and the finest world-chamber ensemble in Free Cascadia.

at The Alberta Rose Theatre
3000 NE Alberta St

Minors welcome if accompanied by adults

Step right up and grab a seat as our comic tale of quick-witted kids and dastardly developers threads its way through jaw-dropping feats of acrobatics, aerial dance, juggling, contortion, and disciplines beyond naming. The celebrated 3 Leg Torso provides a live soundtrack - equal parts ravishing melodies and toe-tapping rhythms played on violin, accordion, bass, and percussion.

Immortal impresario William Batty was a kid once, too. He even had a mother once! Played by Noah Mickens in the present day, and Kylee Wegner in the 1800s, Batty shares a story about his days as a plucky youth in the Victorian slums, scraping out a living on the street with his ailing actress mother and his band of boy adventurers! We shall countenance no eye un-teared, no belly un-ached, and no rest till the whole of the world has been entertained!

Leapin' Louie
Rose-city Acro Devils
Tera Zarra
Indigo Sky
Anngela Burt
Layne Fawkes as Batty's Mother
Jon Dutch as Mister Mustachio
Kylee Wegner as the young William Batty
and Noah Mickens as the old one

Straight from the Wild West, where life is cheap and courage is costly, Leapin' Louie Lichtenstein is never without a spare dollar. With his lasso from El Paso and a bullwhip that even Wyatt Earp couldn't Dodge, this buckaroo buffoon is like sand beneath the chaps of our wrathful ringmaster. Mr. Lichtenstein was recently awarded the title of Best Comedy Roper at the 2007 Will Rogers Expo of the Wild West Arts Club, Claremore, Oklahoma; and the Prix d'Or, 1st Prize at the Vevey International Festival des Artistes de la Rue in Vevey, Switzerland.

Tera Zarra is a strong woman, acrobat, aerialist, and vocalist. She has performed with Pelú Theatre, Do Jump Extremely Physical Theatre, Imago Theatre, Circus Artemis, Night Flight Aerial, Teatro Milagro, Next-Last Cabaret, and Velocity Circus. Tera trained for six years under former Austrian sport acrobatics champion and national team coach, Stefan Furst. She has also trained at Sons Of Cayuga in San Francisco under Dominik Wyss and Serchmaa Byamba, and taken lessons from École nationale de cirque's Yuri Bozyan in Montrel. Tera holds a black belt in Aikido and Aiki Jujutsu from American Institute of the Martial Arts in Connecticut, and is a trained opera, jazz, and rock singer. She has recorded backing vocals for Shock G of Digital Underground, and her ninja rock band, Fist of Dishonor toured with Vanilla Ice.

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