dBMonkey: Event promotion, general publicity, time-saving software, hosting, and consulting for venues/clubs, event organizers/promoters, booking agents, record labels, news/reference sources, bands/artists/performers, fans/supporters/individuals ... and monkeys.

dB = Decibels and Database

Monkey = Social Events and Tools (as in "monkey wrench")

dBMonkey is an event-oriented database and software with tons of features for your website, email newsletters, blog, social media, etc. All of the features are integrated so you can, for example, auto-include your calendar into your email newsletters, auto-post each email newsletter to your website's blog, and so on. No more copy/pasting!

The data is shared and automatically distributed, so you save time not having to type information that's already been entered by other users, and accuracy is ensured for all because the possibility of human error is greatly reduced. There are different benefits for each type of user. If you're an event promoter, for example, your event data is copied to news/media sources as well as the venues, record labels, booking agents, performers, etc. If you're a performer, there's a potential for some or all of your calendar to be pre-filled for you, but you can still customize with your own personal descriptions, images, etc, and you can enter your tour dates even for venues that aren't (yet) powered by dBMonkey.

dBMonkey is a social network, too, as you can see from the Who's Who page. It is constantly growing and evolving, many of the ideas for new features coming directly from the users. Their ideas (and your ideas!) make the software grow, and their data entry makes the database grow. Everyone benefits because, again, the database and software features are shared.

And finally, dBMonkey is a service. Our services include: Hosting, Web Design, Custom Software Development, and Consulting.

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