Welcome to dBMonkey!
If you already have a dBMonkey account:
You don't need to return to this page. Just go to www.dbmonkey.com and click where it says Activate Administrative Interface. dBMonkey will continue to automatically feed your data to the Willamette Week.

If you do not have a dBMonkey account:
You can register and use dBMonkey to enter your event data for distribution to the Willamette Week, absolutely free! We are also offering a limited time free trial of our other features which we will tell you more about later.

If you represent a venue:
Start by selecting your venue's name from the following dropdown list.

If your venue name starts with "The":
Look for the name in the list with and without "The". If you have a preference how it should be stored in dBMonkey's database and want it changed, go ahead and first select the existing name from the list and go through the account creation process, then when you're done you can contact us and we'll change it for you.

If your venue is not already in the list:
Click here to enter your venue info.

If you represent another type of organization (promoter, record label, artist management, etc):
The technical requirements are different, so we don't have a self-registration form set up for you just yet. Please email .

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