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(Apple device? Probably need Safari for this part)

1) Click here for webmail (opens in new tab).

2) Log in with temporary password.

3) Click the dropdown menu top right, select Password & Security, and change your password.

Here's a useful guide for setting a password that's secure but also relatively easy to remember:

If you only use webmail that's all you need to do.


(Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Android Mail, MS Outlook, etc)

1) Click that top right menu again and then Configure Email Client.

2) Do you see your email client in the Auto Configuration list?

If so, select the appropriate IMAP over SSL/TLS protocol link, then follow the instructions.

If it's not in the list or if you get an error, you'll need to do the Manual Settings. Use the Secure SSL/TLS Settings (Recommended).

(Note: The mail server is not

If you get a warning about the SSL certificate it's safe to Trust or Accept or whatever unconditional love type verb is presented to you at that point.

3) Multiple computers/devices? If so, rinse and repeat for each one.


Which Webmail Application Should I Choose?

Roundcube is generally the best choice. Horde is better for smallish mobile devices but then you're probably using an app anyways. Horde also has lots of groupware features but you're probably using other software for that as well.

If you choose Horde you'll probably want to change how it deletes messages. By default when you delete a message it is striked out but remains in your inbox. If you think that's kinda lame, mouse over the gear icon at the top, click on Preferences, click Deleting and Moving Messages, check the box to move deleted messages into the Trash, click Save and follow the instructions for related options. Return to the inbox by clicking on Mail at the top.

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